This started as a space for me to practice writing fiction, but I’ve quickly realised that it’s going to be much broader than that. Instead, here lie my views on a great many things in our world, along side my attempts to create new worlds.

I’m a scientist living in London. I’m insatiably curious, so I tend to dip my toes into a lot of things. I’m also fickle, so I get bored of said things and move on to the next, too quickly. I’m infamously stoic in real life – the one who listens but never tells – hopefully blogging will help me open up a bit. My wardrobe is almost exclusively black, white and grey. I listen to heavy metal and Taylor Swift and everything in between. I’m hopelessly idealistic – which leads to a lot of frustration and disappointment that I’ve slowly learned to cope with. My heroes include Elon Musk and Lynn Hill. I have the heart of a hippy but was born too late. I’m opinionated but happy to be challenged.

Most of all I’m learning, always learning and perhaps you can teach me something new?

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