creative writing · fiction

The Masquerade

“Describe yourself in three words.”

“Profoundly miserable.”

She rolled her eyes, “that’s only two!”


Her shoulders sagged as she let out a deep sigh. She chewed at her bottom lip, while she contemplated the best response to her friend’s lack of cooperation. Her report was due tomorrow and she was beginning to get anxious. She couldn’t fathom why her beautiful friend would choose now to mess around. Finally, she replied in her most coercive tone, “even when you’re with me?”

Serena had been waiting with bated breath for a response but what she heard was not what she desperately longed for. She steeled herself for one; two; three seconds, before the corners of her eyes started to wrinkle and she felt her lips curling upwards. “Of course not!” She beamed. The mask was back. It was the picture of perfection, no one could have suspected it wasn’t real, perhaps not even Serena herself.

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