creative writing · fiction

Take Me With You

We had to keep driving, it was the only way to survive the thick heat of a Texan summer. If you stopped it would envelope you like a shroud, lulling you into a state of lethargy. So I let him drive on, and let my hand ride the wave of the air that rushed past, propelling my straw hair out like a cape behind me. We shot straight on out of there, straight across the state line, just slow enough to read the sign, ‘Welcome to Oklahoma’.

I had always imagined running away would be more momentous, at least preceded by months of meticulous planning. Instead, Samantha had uttered the dare, out of boredom as we baked on the curb of Stuckey’s convenience store. I had stood for a matter of minutes with my thumb in the air, full of false bravado whilst stomach secretly quivered, until the first lonely man pulled over in a red Ford Falcon.

The car had rust on the wheel arches and the cream leather of the passenger seat was stained dark in the middle. He was only a few years older than me, wearing a discoloured Grateful Dead t-shirt. I hesitated, with my fingers wrapped around the door handle, looking back at my friend.

“Well, you in or you out kid?” He uttered casually, looking straight ahead.

Sammi’s astounded face followed me in the rearview mirror until she diminished, just like the entire town eventually did. My whole life receded into a line, a speck on the horizon, a memory; to oblivion.

Prompt: Faber Academy playlist



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