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The Cursed Child – Script Review

I binge read The Cursed Child on a flight this weekend and it pains me to say that I am disappointed. Firstly, let me paint you a picture of what Harry Potter was/is to me. An eleven year old child is sitting in class somewhat vexed as¬†all of her friends are utterly preoccupied. Their noses… Continue reading The Cursed Child – Script Review

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GoT Season Six – Teleportation and Feminism

** If you’ve never watched GoT or read ASOIAF and plan to then don’t read any of this – obviously. The first part if safe for anyone past season/book 3.** I managed to hold out until last week on watching season 6 of Game of Thrones. I was a book reader first, so for me… Continue reading GoT Season Six – Teleportation and Feminism